Time to hang up our spurs?


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This place feels more and more like a ghost town...the Board of Directors hasn't met in probably four years, the dream is dead.  I'm paying ~$25 a month to keep the lights on, which isn't all that burdensome, but for what?  One new discussion and five posts a week, if that?  Way back when, shane (I think? someone did, anyway) had suggested we should migrate over to a subreddit, and I'm increasingly feeling that might be the way to go.  Reddit is the spiritual successor of Plastic, if anything is (even if its moderation system is mediocre at best), and the subbreddit system would allow us to keep doing what we do here (posting the occasional article and griping about it), while eliminating the spam, the potential security holes (nobody's maintaining the server code), and the need to pay cash money for something we're not really using anymore.  Ideally we should figure out a way to archive the database - it shouldn't be too hard to spin out the site into a set of static pages that we could dump on a cheap ass hosting service somewhere - but I think it's time to start talking about closing up shop and moving on.

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Moving to Reddit

Scoop, Mon Nov 3.


Since I didn't really note any objections to shutting this place down, I've created a Subreddit and seeded it with the most recent few stories.   Location:  http://www.reddit.com/r/PlasticTnT/

I'll keep the lights on here for a while longer but unless someone gives me a compelling reason I won't promote any new stories - whatever effort I'm going to put in will be towards trying to get a little community going on Reddit. If anyone wants to volunteer to help figure out a way to spin the database out into static pages that we could archive somewhere on the cheap, I'm all ears.

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Could control of the Senate be decided by illegal votes cast by non-citizens?

Politics, Mon Oct 27.

Ephraim Gadsby.

New academic research says yes.

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Now & then

Religion, Fri Oct 24.

Ephraim Gadsby.

Then: If homomarriage becomes law, ministers will not be forced to perform homomarriages. Stop fearmongering, bigot.

Now: Perform homomarriage or go to jail, bigot.

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That Would NEVER Happen In Canada -- Er, Wait


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Multiple shooters at Canada's Parliament, and perhaps more shooters across Ottawa, at Rideau Centre and National War Memorial? WHAT?

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I've got a message for you, and you're not going to like it

Ephraim Gadsby.

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First Ebola Case in U.S., but don't worry, incompetent bureaucrats vow 'We Will Stop It Here'.

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The casualties of the NFL domestic abuse problem: The truthful messenger?


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The National Football League has a problem.  The problem has been going on for a long long time, but now it has blown up big.  
Starting with the February assault of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice of his fiancee Janay in an elevator of an Atlantic City casino, things quickly spiraled out of control.  

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Peaceful Convert to Religion Beheads Woman in Oklahoma


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(Sorry, I deleted Ken's story by accident - all I have is the headline, but here's a link)

http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2014/09/29/lock-the-door-911-callers-says-during-o klahoma-beheading-he-has-stabbed-someone/

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Victim of the PC Police


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South Carolina state trooper, Sean Groubert, has been fired and arrested for shooting an unarmed black man, Levar Edward Jones. After the incidents in Ferguson, Mo and Beavercreek, OH, police officers have been forced to expect more scrutiny when shooting unarmed black men, which is just such a drag created by the busybody PC liberals. There was once a time when an unarmed black male could be shot without having to worry about people asking so many questions like "was he a threat?" or "did you really have to shoot him for crossing the street?" Police everywhere are being victimized.

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News! At Walmart!


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...three employees confronted a man who had put a laptop computer down his pants...
In other news:

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First date

Ephraim Gadsby.

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We still have some investigating to do.

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Straight Talk: September Edition


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From Zack Beauchamp:

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"I hate socks."


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Laying down the law:

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White guy lies about being shot by black guys


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Seeking attention and making up crime, is that what ex-Navy Seals are all about?

BATH TWP., Ohio - Bath Township detectives believe they have "overwhelming evidence" to prove a former Navy SEAL lied when he claimed he was shot during an altercation with three black men outside of a popular shopping center.

Chris Heben, 44, of Medina, has been charged with misdemeanor counts of falsification and obstructing official business.

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Warmongers and Chickenhawks shitting themselves over ISIS


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but Israel is like calm down bitches:

At the end of the day, we are talking about several thousand unrestrained terrorists riding pickup trucks and firing with Kalashnikovs and machine guns.


The moment it encounters a modern army, ISIS will get off its pickup trucks...

In the meantime, ISIS is preoccupied with countless other enemies, some of which are separating between them and us: The armies of Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, and even its sworn Shiite enemy, Hezbollah.


In fact, ISIS has led to an almost unbelievable broad coalition against it, all of whom seek to destroy it. Here is a short, clockwise list: Russia, Turkey, Iran, the Kurdish militias (Pêşmerge), the Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Syrian army, the Lebanese army, Hezbollah and Israel.

You know who else likes to ride in pickup trucks with guns?

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Airmen denied because he won't say "So help me God"


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No, of course we're not a Christian military.

A member of the Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada, was allegedly barred from reenlisting in the Air Force after omitting the phrase "so help me God" from his contract...

U.S. Air Force Public Affairs Officer Chris Hoyler told The Huffington Post in a statement that "reciting 'So help me God' in the reenlistment and commissioning oaths is a statutory requirement." He said an October 2013 amendment to Air Force Instruction "no longer authorized [airmen] to omit the words 'So help me God.'" Hoyler did not respond to a request to confirm whether the service member was denied reenlistment, and if so, whether it was due to the omission of the "So help me God" clause.

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